We Pick Up


All Appliances, in working and non-working condition. We pick them up free of charge. Save the trouble for us.

Car Parts 

Do you have a car part intended for a project that never happened? Now it's been storing space for months or more. Let us take that off your hands and dispose of it properly. 

Aluminum Siding

Have you or are you renovating your home yourself and no longer have the need for your aluminum siding? Let us take caution for you and remove this unwanted material. 



Disposing of metal roofing or gutters can be a bit dangerous with all the sharp edges and such. Let us pick-up and dispose of this for you. 

Metal Piping 

Metal piping comes in an array of forms. From copper to steel, we take them all. We can recycle these items for you. 

Any Metal Related Items

Do you have random metal items that are just laying around collecting dust or rust? Let Louisville's Labor take them off your hands.

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